DJ Solo hat einen feinen 90er Hip Hop Mix zusammengestellt. Die Story zu diesem Mix könnt ihr im originalen Text der News nachlesen. Ich empfehle euch den Download wärmstens, da Solo ein genialer DJ mit sehr gutem Musikgeschmack ist.

DJ Solo:

Recently I had my iPod stolen (again, the same one that was stolen and returned by SA fans – my name & number’s on the back) so I’ve been burning CDs to listen to on the way home, sitting in LA traffic for an hour. I’ve been grabbing songs out of my iTunes and making collections that are dope to drive to, or just listen to in general. Lately I’ve been examining my love-hate relationship with hip-hop and feeling like I just don’t give a shit about 90% of what’s being put out these days. I had to remind myself why I love hip-hop so I made a little CD of some of my favorite jams from the golden era. This is not a mixtape, it’s just a bunch of songs I dragged onto a CD and burned 10 min before leaving the office. There’s obviously a lot of tracks I left out and this is by no means THE definitive list of 90s classics, but it’s some dope tracks that remind me of what’s good about hip-hop. I figured that some of y’all might enjoy these playlists as much as I do, so I’m putting them up on the blog for anyone who wants them. Whether you have to commute in traffic every day like me, or just want some stuff to listen to at home, these are some joints that will be sure to inspire.

Make sure if you’re burning a CD to set it for 0 sec in between tracks, it plays better that way.

DOWNLOAD: Drive Time Vol.1 – 90s Hip-Hop

Das Tracklisting gibt es nach dem Sprung,…