Joel Strong läuft durch die Gegend und fotografiert wahllos Menschen. Während er das tut, hält er ausgeschnittene Gesichter von berühmten Persönlichkeiten vor die Linse. Auf Insgtagram, Twitter und Tumblr werden dann die Fotos gepostet.

pickin out dinner with heidi. hashtag mydaywithleo tinder date number six. 🔥🔥🔥 . posin for this pic is martha. martha had a very sweet first message to me on tinder. it was: “Hahahaha” which leads me to mydaywithleo tinder tip for the gals #2: ladies, if you’re ever lookin for an openin line to some fella who just ain’t messaging you first, go with multiple HA’s. never fails. 😘😘 . we messaged a lil bit back and forth and she said she wanted to be in my project. so we set up a time to meet and she asked where and i said “meet me at BQE wine & liquor” which probably sounded pretty creepy and alcoholic. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ . but whatever. we had a nice time anyway. she’s from mexico city, new to NY and taking lots of pictures and goin to school. she’s super sweet and we went out for mexican food after. i asked her if she used tinder back home and she said no way. it’s too dangerous there. and then i thought about our meetup spot and how weird that might have sounded to a girl new to the city. and then i realized how much shit i take for granted being an american and a dude. and how surprising it is that any of these women have agreed to meet me at all, let alone at a liquor store. . i’m pretty lucky AND i’m pretty lucky to be doing something that so many great people want to contribute to. i’ve had so much fun meeting some of the super fine and awesome ladies of this great town. i can definitely say with authority that some very rad babes are trolling the tinder right now as we speak. . and sorry martha! i know you wanted to be cara delevingne!!! but i loved this heidi pic too much. . #MDWLtinderdate #mydaywithheidi

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