Pete Rock & CL Smooth at 25 – Mixtape by Mr Thing

Achtung! Setzen! Geschichtsunterricht!

Pete Rock Cl Smooth MixtapeNein, keine Sorge. Nicht in den Schulferien. Aber ein wenig „Back in the days“ tut einem ja nicht weh, oder? Darum haben wir hier ein sehr feines Mixtape von Mr Thing für euch. „Pete Rock & CL Smooth at 25“. Klassischer Rap von zwei Großmeistern ihrer Zunft.

Hier die offiziellen Infos zum Mixtape – Release.

Those of you who follow our activities here on Mixcloud will be aware from our ‚All Souled Out‘ 25th Anniversary mix last month that this year Pete Rock & CL Smooth celebrate 25 years in the business. … Former DMC champion and BBE Music recording artist DJ Mr Thing has put together a great mix looking back on Pete & CL’s 25 year career comprising classic tracks alongside original samples.


Mixtape Tracklist:

1. Les McCann – ‘Talk To The People’ (Sampled in ‘Anger in the Nation’)
2. Ambassadors – ‘I Ain’t Got The Love (Of One Girl On My Mind)’ (Sampled in ‘I Got A Love’)
3. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – ‘I Got A Love’
4. Mel & Tim – ‘Groovy Situation’ (Sampled in ‘I Got A Love’)
5. The Coasters – ‘Down Home Girl’ (Sampled in ‘Skinz’)
6. Pete Rock & CL Smooth feat Grand Puba – ‘Skinz’
7. Willie Henderson – ‘Soulful Football’ (Sampled in ‘It’s Not A Game’)
8. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – ‘It’s Not A Game’
9. Harvey Scales – ‘Sun Won’t Come Out’ (Sampled in ‘Sun Won’t Come Out’)
10. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – ‘Sun Won’t Come Out’
11. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – ‘Carmel City’
12. Stan Getz – ‘Keep Dreamin’ (Sampled in ‘Tell Me’)
13. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – ‘Tell Me’
14. Tyrone Washington – ‘Submission’ (Sampled in ‘The Main Ingredient’)
15. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – ‘The Main Ingredient’
16. Big Daddy Kane – ‘Just Rhymin’ With Biz’ (Sampled in ‘I Get Physical’)
17. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – ‘I Get Physical’
18. George Benson – ‘Face It Boy, It’s Over’ (Sampled in ‘I Get Physical’)
19. 9th Creation – ‘Bubblegum’ (Sampled in ‘Soul Brother #1’)
20. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – ‘Soul Brother #1’
21. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – ‘Mecca & The Soul Brother’
22. O’ Donel Levy – We’ve Only Just Begun (Sampled in ‘Mecca & The Soul Brother’)
23. Heavy D & The Boyz – ‘Gyrlz, They Love Me’ [Extract] (Sampled in ‘Mecca & The Soul Brother’)
24. Ernie Hines – ‘Our Generation’ (Sampled in ‘Straighten It Out’)
25. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – ‘Straighten It Out’
26. Eddy Senay – ‘Cameo’ (Sampled in ‘Act Like You Know’)
27. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – ‘Act Like You Know’
28. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – ‘It’s Like That’
29. Freddie McCoy – Gimmie Some (Sampled in ‘For Pete’s Sake’)
30. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – ‘For Pete’s Sake’
31. Eddie Kendricks – ‘Girl You Need a Change of Mind’ (Sampled in ‘Good Life’)
32. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – ‘Good Life’
33. O’Donel Levy – ‘I Wanna Be Where You Are’ (Sampled in ‘Good Life’)
34. Mountain – ‘Long Red’ [Extract] (Sampled in ‘Good Life’)
35. S.O.U.L – ‘Burning Spear’ (Sampled in ‘Go With The Flow’)
36. Fred Wesley and the J.B’s – ‘You Can Have Watergate Just Gimme Some Bucks and I’ll Be Straight (7″ Version) [Extract] (Sampled in ‘Go With The Flow’)
37. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – ‘Go With The Flow’
38. Tom Scott – ‘Today’ (Sampled in ‘They Reminisce Over You’)
39. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – ‘They Reminisce Over You (T.R.OY.)’
40. Beginning Of The End – When She Made Me Promise (Sampled in ‘They Reminisce Over You’)