Solebox Amsterdam Das offizielle Opening Video Recap

Das hier ist das offizielle Video vom Solebox Amsterdam Opening – Wochenende

Solebox Amsterdam Store by Knuckler KaneSolebox Amsterdam ist nun die vierte Solebox – Location, nach Berlin, München und Wien. Der Shop ist aber, verglichen mit den wunderschönen anderen Solebox-Locations, etwas ganz besonderes. Schaut es euch an. Unten haben wir euch noch die offizielle Presseinformation angehängt.

Solebox Amsterdam

Auch findet ihr dort ein paar Infos Camp-Out Survival Kit, welches Heimplanet, Incase, Jason Markk, Flsk und Puma zusammengestellt und den 15 ersten Campern überreicht haben. Feiner Zug! Gute Jungs!

Hier der Clip!

The store concept:

Solebox Amsterdam is the fourth location and based on a one of a kind concept that was applied to every single detail of the store’s design.

The idea was to build an open space that won’t only pay homage to the city’s creativity but also invites the free minds in Amsterdam to swing by and get not only inspired but also constructive.

Solebox’s interpretation of such place is “The Lab”. Place of continuous creation but also evolution and change – natural and technological. The technologies showcased are the most innovative ones in the history of sneakers e.g. Nike’s Air-System.

“The Lab’s” floor and walls are tiled just like the laboratory tables which serve not only as exhibition places for the exclusive selection of sneakers, but also for glass flasks and microscopes you should take a look through.

Just like in the other stores we still blended in our love for sneakers by adapting the looks of elements such as the warning signs on the walls and integrating shoes or soles.

With the store we’ve also launched a collaboration with Amsterdam based brand Daily Paper. The look is our own interpretation of laboratory staff coats as oversized long sleeves to represent Solebox’s streetwear selection.

Camp-Out Survival Kit

Knowing that Amsterdam has major love for sneakers, we’ve expected the camp-out to start early. We have teamed up with Heimplanet, Incase, Jason Markk, Flsk and the good Folks of Puma to put together a camp-out survival kit for the first 15 campers. Thanks again to the above mentioned partners for their support and for giving us the chance to give back to some of our most loyal customers.