Top-Tier Guide for Gamblers in Austria

Austria is one of the leading regulated gambling markets, where players can get access to legal and controlled iGaming platforms to quench their gambling thirst. That’s one of the reasons for ScanTeam launching, an advanced guide aimed at Austrian gamblers.

Due to the facilities of this young yet up-and-coming project, our readers will be able to distinguish good gambling platforms from bad ones, setting up an account at only the best casinos in Austria. No need to take risks to try to find out whether the project is reliable yourself as we take the burden of doing the rigorous work off you.

The main goals of are to deliver fair and useful reviews of online casinos, overview slot machines, especially when they are new, provide guides to quickly sign up and claim bonuses, and explain the rules of certain table games. Additionally, we take care of players’ safety, so we double check whether the casino is reliable enough so that we could recommend it.

Adding a few words about the project in general, we should note that it was launched by ScanTeam in November 2021 with a focus on the iGaming market in Austria.

The aspects this project covers are here:

  • Reliable casinos in Austria and documents these platforms should hold
  • Mobile compatibility and tips to play on iOS and Android
  • Reviews of new slots and rules of playing table games
  • Tips to play blackjack, poker, and other games with dealers
  • Everything about promotions and wagering terms
  • Explanation of the demo mode and free games right on the site


Long story short, it’s some kind of encyclopedia where readers can get familiar with new gambling terms, read the summaries of experts, and simply contact other players, especially when there is something to say about a casino or a game as we are always glad to hear the opinion of each customer!

Functionality and Interface

At, our experts not only choose trustworthy casinos with convenient interfaces but also make the project totally intuitive and easy to navigate. We believe that the faster you find the information you were searching for, the better it is for us and for you. That’s why we take care of both our design and small yet convenient details to make the interface smooth.

First of all, the main page displays an article that explains how gambling is working in Austria in general and whether it’s legal here. In addition, the upper menu and the footer contain links to pages where you can read more about particular payment services accepted by Austrian casinos, casino games, including live games and free slots, and a whole lot of information about bonuses.

And as is not only about practicality, its design is also nice. We aren’t providing anything extra, so the white background is a solution to let you easily recognize bonuses and other engaging banners without detracting attention to the bright colors of the layout. All up, novice players will find a lot of useful details here, while experienced gamblers will navigate within seconds, finding relevant info on all iGaming subjects.


ocial Media Channels

We did our best to make the official site convenient and useful. But if you prefer social media to websites of this kind, we understand this and cover that area as well. We have channels on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and those who subscribe to them get access to fresh news, regular notifications, and summaries of reviews and blog articles we provide.

If you are a YouTube customer, you will get access to short videos that describe how casinos in Austria work, where to click to make payments or activate promotions, and how the slots we overview work. These videos cover only the most essential parts, such as the bonus features of games or the main aspects about casinos you should know.

Founders and Team of

Probably, it’s impossible to enter the gambling sector without being supported by those who boast of a great deal of experience. So is created with the help of being involved. The extensive proven track record of the projects previously launched by ScanTeam guarantees success to this one as well.

That’s how the following cooperation improves the results readers get access to:

  • There are enough facilities to test Austrian casinos on multiple devices
  • Reviews of games and operators are based on research of experts who double-check all details
  • The team working on understands all the aspects of the casino market in Austria
  • Everyone in the company is keen on gambling, sharing personal experience as well

It’s not the first gambling project launched by ScanTeam in 2021. Yet, this release strengthens the company’s presence on the European market, making gambling more approachable and recognizable on the regulated markets out there!